Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 30, 2011 -- Deacon and Catdaddy of Uphill

If you are familiar with the band Uphill, you'll certainly recognize the names Adam Nixon and Chris Palestrant, two of its talented bandmembers. They have each performed separately here at City Wine Sellar before, but now, for the first time ever, they will perform as a duo named "Deacon and Catdaddy of Uphill." Come for a few of your favorite songs from each of their solo acts, a bunch of new music, and even a few Uphill hits -- all with vocal harmonies and brand new arrangements. So, if you enjoy the folksy-blues counry eclectic mix of Deacon Blues and if you enjoy the rare, kickin' and classics of Chris Palestrant, you'll be in for a treat with the combination of these two quality acts. Deacon and Catdaddy will perform from 7-10 pm as part of the City Wine Friday night music series. They will also play from 5-7 on the same evening during the Bill Luton for NC House fundraising event. Stop by early and meet Bill, listen to music, and visit.

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