Friday, November 14, 2008

Participate in our "Hip" Project

Help us out with a "Hip" project we're working on at The City Wine Sellar.  Send us your favorite (or even not-so-favorite) photo or video of your hip(s)...a friend's hip(s)...your pet's hip(s)...even multiple hips in action.  Be creative!  We use our hips for everything from closing the car door, to balancing a guitar, to carrying our children, to dancing, to modeling that bikini, and to displaying art work (tattoos). Think of all the ways you use your hips and catch it in action.  Some rules:
--Some skin allowed, but must be respectable.
--By sending photo/video, you grant permission for us to use it in our project and allow minor editing if necessary.
--Photos/videos of OPHs (Other People's Hips) accepted as long as we can't recognize their face (or you include contact info so we may obtain their permission). You must let us know it's an OPH photo/video.
--Include your name so we may grant credit.
Send all photos, videos and questions to: or Don't forget to include your name!

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