Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 28, 2008 -- Karaoke with the Krowd

We know you'll be worn out from doing your part to save our economy on "black Friday" (the biggest shopping day of the year), but save enough energy to Karaoke your Kares away on Friday evening at The City Wine Sellar.  Kathi Hartzell, professional singer and Karaoke Kween, will be on hand to gently persuade you and your friends to sing your hearts out.  Even if you only sing in your shower and in your car, you should still stop by and enjoy Kathi's crooning and the melodies belted out by other karaoke-ers.  Entertainment from 7-10; enjoy appetizers/dinner till 9 pm; Cuezzo's Cafe till 9 pm.  
Practice makes perfect...start practicing now!

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