Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2006 -- Without Further Adieu

Last week we were entertained by the super-duper group, Further Adieu, and it was awesome as usual! This week, the stars must be aligned perfectly because we're extra-lucky enough to have an encore of sorts. The acoustic duo of Nick Simmons and JJ Jernigan, hereinafter and forever referred to as "Without Further Adieu" (get it?) will be on stage at The City Wine Sellar. So, practice your bocce ball at Mariner's Wharf, but don't forget to swing on down and visit with us on the corner of Main and Water Streets -- the coolest place in town with the coolest customers and the coolest entertainers.
Music from 7-10 pm; Deli fare served till 9:00 pm. Call 252-335-1163 for more information.

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