Monday, December 3, 2007

December 5th Tasting Notes. Guest Pourer Jennifer Palestrant

Preview the tasting notes for the December 5th Sparkling Wine Tasting at The City Wine Sellar. 6:00-7:30 pm. $10 per person. Please RSVP!

In Champagne, France it’s called Champagne; in other areas of France it’s Vins Mousseux; in Spain it’s Cava; in Italy it’s Spumanti; in Germany it’s Sekt; and in the US, it’s Sparking Wine. At our tasting, we’ll simply call it “bubbly.” So, you ask, why isn’t it ALL considered Champagne? Because wine makers are only allowed to label their bubbly “Champagne” when it is produced in the Champagne region of France and made in the classic “methode champenaise” tradition (two fermentations, with the second taking place in the bottle).

You should stop considering bubbly to be only a special occasion or holiday wine. It can certainly be enjoyed any time, any place, and for any occasion. In comparison to traditional “still” wines, bubblies have slightly higher acidity, are more delicately flavored, and have a lower alcohol content. If you like a sweeter bubbly, you should select a Sec (noticeably sweet), a Demi-Sec (very sweet), or a Doux (extremely sweet). If you prefer dry, choose an Extra Dry (slightly sweet), a Brut (dry, no sweetness), or a Brut nature (bone dry). With bubbles, size does matter. The smaller the bubbles and the longer they last in your glass, the higher the quality.
Special thanks to Jennifer Palestrant, our Guest Pourer for this evening, and to Lisa VanCuren from Empire Distributors. --Debbie

--Domaine St. Michelle NV Frizzante, Washington State – Fruity and lively taste, ending with a tinge of grapefruit. Notes of apples, pears, and candied apples. Try it with spicy Asian or Southwest fare. Also complements various egg dishes and desserts. Brunch anyone? Regular Price: $ 11.99 Tasting Price: $ 10.99
--Yellow Tail Sparkling, Australia – Yes, we’ve included one of those “critter” wines. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you must try this sparkler. A blend of Semillon (72%), Traminer, Viognier, and Trebbiano, it is fresh and tropical, with a medium sweetness, and a refreshing, crisp finish. Perfectly paired with salads and light pasta dishes. Regular Price: $ 11.99 Tasting Price: $ 10.99
--Star Black Bubbles Shiraz, California – The oddity in our group, this bubbly is made with a Syrah grape in both French and American oak barrels. It is not fermented, but infused with bubbles. Be prepared for bold berries. Taste cherry pie and blackberry, with a strong nose of berries. Enjoy it with a variety of hors d’oeuvres. Regular Price: $ 17.99 Tasting Price $ 16.99
--Cristalino NV Brut Cava, Spain – This wine received a 91 Wine & Spirits rating. From the Cava region of Spain, it is clean, dry, medium-bodied, and crisp, with fruity tastes of citrus & apple, honey & toasty oak. You may even taste hints of cinnamon. Enjoy as an apĂ©ritif or with light seafood such as sole or grilled shrimp, chicken salad, and fruity desserts.
Regular Price: $ 9.99 Tasting Price $ 8.99

--Wolf Blass Yellow Label Brut, Australia – Another wine from “down under.” Described as having “complex aromas of fresh fruit and creamy yeast” which are “perfectly balanced on the nose.” On the palate…”green apple chardonnay flavours and strawberry Pinot Noir characters are complemented with a crisp, lively acidity.” Regular Price: $ 15.99 Tasting Price $ 14.99
--Nicolas Feuillatte, Champagne France – Made with a blend of Pinot Noir (50%), Pinot Meunier (30%) and Chardonnay (20%), this Champagne has a depth that only true Champagne can provide. Your palate will sing with the tastes of fruity pears and peaches and you’ll taste subtle hints of almond and vanilla. Regular Price: $ 34.99 Tasting Price $ 32.99

Be sure to ask about our future wine tastings…held monthly in The Sellar Wine Bar. $10.00 per person. Light hors d’oeuvres. Call 252-335-1163 for more information.***Special Holiday Gift – 2008 Wine Tasting Gift Certificates.***

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