Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 9, 2008 -- Ticky Tacky is Back!

According to Websters, Ticky Tacky means "shoddy and unimaginatively designed; flimsy and dull." I doubt this is an accurate description of the group that will be playing at The City Wine Sellar on Friday night. Band members include: Bill Luton, Britney Luton, Hot Hoidal (aka Charlie Hoidal), and Mindy Luton. They play a hodgepodge of hits from the classics to today's hits, with some 90s rock thrown in for good measure. Ticky Tacky will play from 7:00-10:00 pm. Deli fare will be served until 9:00 pm.  Call 335-1163 for more information


City Wine Sellar, Bakery, Deli & Wine Bar said...
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Bill, PhD Candidate said...
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Barry said...

Friday evening was a great time. It's nice to be entertained by a live band and enjoy a good dinner and dessert without the cigarette smoke. "Bill" did an awesome job on the harmonica "Blues Traveler"
Deb, thanks for the GREAT service. Keep up the hard work. See ya again soon.